The first: You made the right choice

Android has taken the mobile industry by the scruff of the neck and blown it wide open.

It's forced some big established players to go open. It's forcing the rest to the wall. Open is free. Open is what manufacturers want - without them you've no handset. Open is what carriers want so they can customise their products - without them your handset goes nowhere. The noughties will be looked back on as the decade which saw open mobile begin: the 10's will be when it dominates.

Back in the early PC days Microsoft used the slogan "software sells hardware". Not being a hardware company, they knew flooding the market with a generic, portable, affordable OS which every PC manufacturer needed was key to selling it. Fast forward to today in mobile. What's changed? Google and the OHA don't make hardware. There are so many handset Peekin Droidmanufacturers that you can almost see them becoming what the proprietary guys fear the most: commodity items. This is playing out as the battle of the desktop OSs all over again, with 3 or 4 stalwarts battling not only each other but the hundreds in the rest of the industry all unified as one behind Android.

Choosing to develop for Android is best not only because it's the easiest, most versatile and most capable mobile OS out there. It's not only because it's backed by the incredible vision, support and resources of Google, who sure ain't short of smarts nor a buck or two. It's not only because it's so future proof it's off the scale - cloud computing is baked into its DNA.

It's because it's the most fun.

Ok, that wasn't really item one but needed saying ;-) Lets go on to the list...