Android 1.1 includes fixes for voice search, viewing paid apps in the Marketplace, the alarm clock  and POP3 email improvements. There is a catch though - owners of the Android Dev Phone 1 will not be able to install any paid apps which use Android’s copy protection.

This is due to the Android Dev Phone 1 being rooted out of the box and thus able to read and write the folder protected applications are stored in. So although the Dev Phone 1 can access unprotected apps this probably will only be a handful.


Developers are breathing huge sighs of relief now as they can at last run their apps on ADP1 handsets running the same firmware as their customers.

Anybody can buy an unlocked T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream courtesy of Google - all you have to do is buy one of Google’s own Android Dev Phone 1 devices for $400 plus a few fees. Many have been reluctant to do so though, originally with frequency of OS updates being of concern and most recently non-access to Paid Apps being the issue. Google and HTC have now resolved both of these with Version 1.1 of Android for the Android Dev Phone launching today.