There’s an air of excitement buzzing round the net as we eagerly await the news from Google as to what’s in its next Android release Gingerbread. Speculation is rife, but the clever part of all this anticipation is that Google have created a Willy Wonka’s Confectionery Factory of rooms tempting us from Cupcake to Donut, Eclair to Frozen Yoghurt. In fact, we’re half expecting Johnny Depp to turn up to make the announcement that will entice us through the next door..



The feel good factor about names like Gingerbread, Honeycomb and IceCream brings out the child in us. Remember peeking at the pretty parcels under the Christmas tree to guess what’s inside them or trying to trick relatives into accidentally giving away the secrets contained within? We don’t know if Google set out to do this deliberately or hit upon a great naming scheme by chance but it definitely works a treat!

As to the speculation, well most said Gingerbread will be 3.0 (Q4 2010), Honeycomb 3.n (Q1 2011) and IceCream 4.0 (mid 2011). It’s been suggested that Gingerbread could be for lower end phones with Honeycomb targeting the high end phones and tablet market. Some venture that Google could surprise us with Gingerbread as 2.3 or 2.5 and that Honeycomb’s actually the next big one (presumably based on stories like Lenovo delaying their tablet until Honeycomb?). But with the Gingerbread Man arriving at Google HQ, it seems we won’t have too long to wait to find out.

So we look forward to any or all of the following; a nice UI revamp with a lean, more green theme (perhaps based on HTC’s Sense) and better icons, seamlessly integrated apps (such as Gmail, Calendar, Maps and YouTube), an Android Market music store and games store, video chat (and possibly support for Google TV?), plus faster speeds and enhanced CPU performance, as well as more power when it comes to hardware (1GHz of processor speed and 512MB of RAM?).

Tantalising leaks from a YouTube video in russian may or may not be credible, but who cares? It’s fun being in this sweet factory looking forward to a taste of Google’s next serving of gastronomic goodies!