This week, the PayPal developers' conference Innovate 2010 is taking place in San Francisco on October 26th and October 27th and it is anticipated that a partnership between Google and PayPal will be announced. This will allow PayPal to be used as a payment option to users purchasing apps in the Android Market. Senior Product Manager at PayPal, Kent Griffin's session notes quote "The PayPal Mobile Payments Library aims to remove friction from payments and truly unleash m-commerce on the Android platform."



With the Android Market reaching a massive milestone of 100,000 apps in just two years, this is good news that soon users will also be able to buy Android apps using PayPal. Plus a deal struck with PayPal would be very useful to Google if the rumoured Android music store is in the pipeline.



On the Android Developers Console, help text for enabling PayPal payments confirms: “You can accept PayPal payments for the products you sell on the Android Market… Monies received by you will be transferred by Google automatically to your Google Checkout account.”

How will users and developers respond to this? Well you only have to read a few online blogs relating woeful tales of PayPal giving incorrect refunds or withholding funds while they undertake investigations to know that some won’t be happy. But then of course, thousands of happy EBay’ers wouldn’t use anything else; one obvious benefit being that PayPal converts the price to whatever local currency the buyer uses.

Our view of course is that anything making it easier for Android developers to sell their apps and make a few pennies to fund further development is always good news!

Source: PayPal X Developer Conference