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Have you ever thought hard about what you could do to your mobile phone to make it really useful? Something that solves an everyday problem you're so used to finding ways round you don't even think can be improved? I know with every smartphone I've had, there's always a few honeymoon weeks as I played the games, wowed at the screensavers and so on, but after that stopped using them because they're a battery drain, or just plain annoying, and then all I really wanted it for is to make life easier. So when a new app comes along which offers genuine usefulness it's a great feeling - a bonus beyond the initial phone purchase. CoolNote for Android is that kind of app, and all it really does (but does really well) is let you stick realistic looking notes on your phone, which, since they run as widgets, means no app launch is needed just to read them.


When you first see the CoolNote screenshots you get a feeling that this is such an obvious idea it must be pretty common by now. Well it isn't. Sure, there are many note taking apps in the Android market, heck the SDK even ships with the source for one as a demo - but these are all written as traditional apps. Next to CoolNote they look plain - boring, even. Most need more interaction to get started - the obvious extra step is them needing their app launching before the note can even be read.

It's about as simple as it can get for a widget - these 3 screenshots show what happens when you try to run the app from its icon, then when you long press the home screen and choose "CoolNote Large". This needs space for 4x3 icons, and Android itself will keep telling you so until you've cleared away enough room.


200x392-screenshot-01    200x392-screenshot-02    200x392-screenshote-03