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Have you ever thought hard about what you could do to your mobile phone to make it really useful? Something that solves an everyday problem you're so used to finding ways round you don't even think can be improved? I know with every smartphone I've had, there's always a few honeymoon weeks as I played the games, wowed at the screensavers and so on, but after that stopped using them because they're a battery drain, or just plain annoying, and then all I really wanted it for is to make life easier. So when a new app comes along which offers genuine usefulness it's a great feeling - a bonus beyond the initial phone purchase. CoolNote for Android is that kind of app, and all it really does (but does really well) is let you stick realistic looking notes on your phone, which, since they run as widgets, means no app launch is needed just to read them.

Lets face it - we all like a drink now and then. But how much do you know about what you're drinking? How many units are in that drink for example - can you legally drive? Are you on a diet? Few people are aware of the number of calories in their drinks, yet they obsess over them when it comes to food. Drinkminder to the rescue! This FREE Android app will keep you informed with its instant unit/calorie reckoner or its drink session recorder, where with a carefully designed 1-tap drink logger you can track your sessions over time. There's a handy suggest-a-drink feature, full help built in and a wide range of inbuilt drinks ranging from ale to champagne.

UK Android users found a nice present on their handsets today - the maps application now has the long-awaited turn-by-turn satnav extension and it's all free!. It runs on Android 1.6 or later, so this means Hero users will have to be a little more patient as they wait for their June OTA update. The service is extra special too as it trumps the more traditional offering with its streetview overlay. That's right - your route is shown physically over the streetview image, so you see a floating ghostly arrow pointing the way down the road.

techmedic-emulator[Press Release]

Broek op Langedijk, the Netherlands – RS TechMedic B.V., a Dutch based company with eight years experience in medical device development, today announced the release of their G1 Android telemedicine Application. With this application, physicians can monitor vital signs of ambulant and home-care patients at anytime from anywhere around the world.

The Android mobile platform is about to become better-suited for business use, thanks to two upcoming software offerings from DataViz due in 2009: Documents to Go, a Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewing, creation and editing program; and RoadSync, a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync program.

Many business-oriented smartphones already ship with a free, standard version of Documents to Go, including new BlackBerry devices, and there's a Premium Edition with expanded functionality that sells for $69.99. Docs to Go is also available for Palm Windows Mobile and