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We just love Android!

AndroidHaving spent years in the mobile software business, we knew immediately that this was a huge leap over anything we'd seen before. There are so many firsts with Android that it's hard to know where to start - from its core OS, Linux, which again we've been using daily for over a decade and a half (but never on a phone!) to its development language, java, which blows away its rivals with its power and ease of use. But hey! - that's our developer heads 

talking. We gotta consider the users too ;-) And boy, are they warming to it. As anyone will tell you, there are 3 things that users consider important in a handset; ease of use, ease of use and ease of use.

The smaller the manual, the better. Speed, beautiful graphics and powerful features are all present by the bucketload: using this baby is a real pleasure.

All aboard!

We created the Android Academy to share this passion.

Skateboarding Droids


It's for everyone - from the curious wanting to know what all the fuss is about, to the hard core developer looking to port existing software over.

We encourage user contributions, reviews (good and bad!) and a central community to add another dimension to the excellent information already provided by Google.

We are already in the mobile handset business so can spot a winner when we see one. We know Android is totally radical, totally fresh, totally cool. We want to be right by your side for the ride, 

because we know its going to be amazing.

Welcome aboard!

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