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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013

Well - how about that! We've been working on something a little special for some time now, and today's the day we're proud to announce our new baby - the AACD programme. In collaboration with SteelyEye Digital Media, we're announcing the Android industrys first Accreditation scheme - the Android Academy Certified Developer programme. This is in the form of an online exam which has been developed and calibrated by a team of Android experts for over a year. The software driving the exam is the same the SteelyEye guys used when they were running the Symbian Academy, so it has a pedigree second to none. This is no cut and paste script kiddie affair - well over £2.5m has been spent perfecting it such that it adapts to the knowledge level of the subject as it progresses. This means no two exams are the same.

Get certified

The explosive growth of Android over the last few years has created a corresponding growth in demand for developer roles. But this creates a problem for employers - how can they quickly assess the competency of a developer they're interested in? With the wealth of Android experience in the Android Academy and the partnership with Steely Eye and their Symbian Academy experience, it seemed we were in a great position to help with this. Taking the exam is very straightforward - just buy an AACD exam account from the Android Academy shop and it's details will be emailed to you. Complete the test according to those instructions and a comprehensive results report will then be sent to you, along with suggestions on areas which need futher study if you failed, or the AACD Certificate Reference if you passed.

AACD Certificate Reference

This reference can then be quoted on your online profiles, such as Linked In, Stack Overflow etc. Anyone can verity the reference by visiting the AACD site or using the Android App.


AACD Report


The proficiency profile provides a clear analysis of how the exam went. The most important figure - the Score - is shown, along with figures for how the subject performed in relation to their peer group, based on the others who took the exam. The stongest and weakest subject knowledge areas are also identified, so if a subject failed the test they know which areas to brush up on for next time.

The AACD process

The full exam syllabus and process is explained on the dedicated AACD website at

We've worked hard on this and hope it's something of genuine use to anyone involved in Android development. For the launch month, June 2012, there's a special price of £99.99 rather than the usual £149.99, so there's no better time to get certified :-) And ... good luck!