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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013

Every Android fan loves him

Early in 2012 a mysterious object appeared on the lawns outside OTAMate's HQ. What did it mean? Were the Mayans right and this was some kind of 2001-style omen? Nope - it was CozyBot! Designed by OTAMate and sold through our very own shop, this is the cool desktop phone holder every Android fan will love! When news of his arrival broke on Linked In there were so many hits to the site the servers crashed. He's been sold all over the world and had sightings in Brazil, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, the Czech Republic amongst many other countries including, of course, the US. Made from sturdy ABS shatterproof plastic, the CozyBot comes in two parts and is made to the highest quality manufacturing standards - even the color is the official pantone green.


CozyBots unique design means almost all Android handsets will fit - in both landscape and portrait modes. Tablets up to 7" have been tested too, including the Samsung Note and Amazon Fire. There are no electronics in the CozyBot and no moving parts, apart from when you first attach the body which can then rock back and forwards when no phone is present. It's designed more as an arms-length rest, or holder for the handset rather than a dock or cradle of the kind you find in cars with resizeable clamps. You certainly can charge your handset whilst its in place since the clever shape of the base accommodates both rear and side cable positioning, and the sturdy design means you can use the touchscreen just fine too.


The CozyBot video shows it in use, in amongst some flying-around-the-office sillyness:

Right now there's a competition running on Linked In where you can win one each week for the month of Feb 2012. In the Google Android group, which the guys behind OTAMate and the Android Academy run, the best post to the discussion area will find one winging its way to its author, so if you fancy your chances head on over there!