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News  Handsets & Devices
News  Handsets & Devices
RED Hydrogen One

The $1200 Android handset (and that's the budget version)

Known for their high-end cameras which totally disrupted the film industry, RED are hoping to do the same to the world of mobile with an incredibly ambitious new smartphone - and a price tag to match.

The device comes in two versions - a titanium shell enclosed one at just $1600, or a regular aluminium one at $1200, and the website says those prices are for a limited time only. Both have a 5.7" “Hydrogen holographic display” which promises to let you see holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View content, 3D content, and 2D/3D virtual reality and augmented reality content. No glasses or headsets are required - this breakthrough has been achived using nanotechnology tech and super smart software. It's not just the display which is special either - the audio is touted as "multi-dimensional", using a proprietary H3O algorithm giving  "5.1 on your headphones".

News  Handsets & Devices
Essential Smartphone

He's fathered a new Android

What do you do once you've revolutionised mobile by creating an operating system used by  4 out of every 5 smartphones on the planet?

Best known as the guy who made Android via his startup bought out by Google in the mid 2000's, Andy Rubin is back - and he's got something Essential to show you. He's launched not only a new Android smartphone, but also smart home device to rival the Amazon Echo/Google Home etc, plus a totally new OS called "Ambient".

The name of the new company behind all this is "Essential", and this time he's unashamedly got his sights on "fixing" the problems todays smart technology ecosystem faces.

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Clarion AX1

There's no shortage now of Android based car infotainment systems, and Clarion, the people behind the Mirage range, have recently announced the AX1.

Supporting pretty much every Android feature you'd expect from a regular device, such as apps, downloads, phone calls via Bluetooth etc, the system is safety-conscious too, so for example certain operations such as watching video can only be performed whilst the handbrake is on.

Also unique to the device is the ifogo online music store, which can manage your music catalog and buy downloads, set playlists etc. The infogo "App Garage" also downloads updates to the system automatically the same way phone manufacturers do for their handsets.

T.K.Tan, Managing Director of Clarion Malaysia, said "Unlike smart phones or tablets, this device is a full automotive grade connected car stereo. It is certified to be safe for use in your car".

News  Handsets & Devices
Samsung S3 outsells iPhone 5

Easily the front runner for the number 1 phone this Christmas, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has outsold the iPhone 5 for a seventh consecutive month, causing untold champagne corks to go flying round various flash offices in South Korea. uSwitch have released these latest figures based on live searches, pre-orders and pay-monthly sales. They have found the older S2 model still remains the UK's fourth best selling handset. 

It's no surprise the S3 is doing so well, but it had better watch out - the LG Nexus 4 is no slouch either, having sold out within 30 minutes of launch.