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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Acer logoAn Android quartet from Acer greeted attendees of MWC2010 today - 2 new BeTouch models, the Ferrari and the Liquid E.  The first BeTouch is the ultra slim E400 and unlike some of its competitors latest offerings is running Android 2.1, the very latest. It sports a Qualcomm 600Mhz 7227 CPU with a 3.2" HVGA screen, 3.2Mg camera with flash. A big plus, which more than a few other handset manufacturers who should know better could do with taking note of, is a genuine standard 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use your favourite earphones.

Acers aggressive Android stance sees an eyebrow-raising 3 year deal with Ferrari, which no doubt will be an advertising managers dream, but as no real details on this model have been released it's to be hoped it's the fastest of the pack.



Acer also announced all 4 Android handsets will support Acer sync, a smart application that allows automatic cloud-based and Wi-Fi synchronization with computers which keeps contacts, calendars and files up to date. It also allows users to sync their Google contacts and calendar. Preinstalled is Acers "spinlets" app which provide free streaming music from the cloud.


Acers Liquid E

The Liquid E is the successor to last years Liquid handset with a Snapdragon 768Mhz CPU and a 5Meg camera.



The E400 has a resistive screen and runs Android 2.1

The BeTouch E400 features the smart Acer Lighting Behavior with smart LED lighting that flashes in different colors to let you know when a new message has arrived, if you missed a call or whether the battery is low. Its screen is 3.2" resistive HVGA and it camera is 3.2Mp.

The E110 is a budget small-screen form factor handset

The E110 runs Android 1.5, but you can be sure this will be updated via OTA in the future. Its screen is 2.8" which puts in in the small-screen Android category, as is the HTC Tattoo. Theres nothing small about its camera, however, as its features a respectable 3.2Mp capacity. A further clue regarding its positioning as a budget model is its lack of WiFi and a 416Mhz CPU. It features full GPS and bluetooth and so sits nicely along with the other Android models in Acers lineup.