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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Ok - it's pink. Ok - it's a keyboardless mini form factor. Ok - it's screen is resistive, not capacitive (you get a stylus). But it's £20 contract free - online only from T-Mobile. Is this a sign of things to come - and where will it end? Should I be careful what pops out of my cornflakes packet from now on? The implications of throwaway Android handsets are staggering, and those predictions of 48% market share in 2012 will start to look positively feeble. How on earth can the closed proprietary guys come close to anything like this? This baby features the full on Google Android experience, with voice control, the market, sat nav with turn-by-turn navigation and the realtime sat imaging with blows away many dedicated units. Incredible. Once you get past the pink part, that is.