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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Clarion AX1

There's no shortage now of Android based car infotainment systems, and Clarion, the people behind the Mirage range, have recently announced the AX1.

Supporting pretty much every Android feature you'd expect from a regular device, such as apps, downloads, phone calls via Bluetooth etc, the system is safety-conscious too, so for example certain operations such as watching video can only be performed whilst the handbrake is on.

Also unique to the device is the ifogo online music store, which can manage your music catalog and buy downloads, set playlists etc. The infogo "App Garage" also downloads updates to the system automatically the same way phone manufacturers do for their handsets.

T.K.Tan, Managing Director of Clarion Malaysia, said "Unlike smart phones or tablets, this device is a full automotive grade connected car stereo. It is certified to be safe for use in your car".

On the road

The AX1 (from "Android eXperience 1") comes with a 6.5 inch HD touchscreen, GPS plus a custom navigation app, a MicroSD card slot and two USB ports.There's no phone functionality built in directly, but this is easily covered by pairing to any capable smartphone, whether it's running Android or not.

Clarion manufactures the AX1 in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and India, where users can buy the units directly online immediately.

The first 3,000 are offered at a significant discount from the regular price of $725 (RM2400), and available from November 2013. Installation is no more difficult than for a regular double DIN unit, but customers are advised to have it done professionally from a reputable audio auto installer.