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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Dells first 10.1 inch tablet is the Android Honeycomb based Streak 10 Pro. It's going to hit the Chinese market first, and comes at a time when the second generation Android tablet market is just getting interesting - Samsungs Galaxy Tab 10.1 also hits China next month. The Streak Pro is Dells first regular tablet device but it's no stranger to them as they already cut their teeth on the Streak 7 inch model last yer. However, that was running a version of Android designed for phones and had a lukewarm reception with users. The Streak Pro sports 2 cameras, a 5MP rear facing one and a 2MP one on the front, and its screen resolution is a respectable 1280x800. One potential downer lies in the fact it's a WiFi only device - presumably you're supposed to tether to a handset or whatever when you're out on the go. In any case, this won't be too strenuous since it weighs only 1.6 pounds.

The Dell Streak Pro has a toughened gorilla glass screen and a claimed 12 hour battery life.550x513-dell-streak-proDell have added their "Dell Divide" software to the Streak Pro - it is designed to let users easily switch between profiles. For example, you might set up work and personal profiles so you can be sure your employer doesn't have access to your private files, for example. As Android tablets are appearing more and more in the workplace this is a smart move on their part. They also bundle their sync software in to "autosync within home WiFi network".


Up until 29 Jul 2011 there's an online promotional price of RMB 2,999.00, but from then on it reverts to RMB 3,699.00. As usual with Dell, its website has the full spect and direct purchase option here.