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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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RED Hydrogen One

The $1200 Android handset (and that's the budget version)

Known for their high-end cameras which totally disrupted the film industry, RED are hoping to do the same to the world of mobile with an incredibly ambitious new smartphone - and a price tag to match.

The device comes in two versions - a titanium shell enclosed one at just $1600, or a regular aluminium one at $1200, and the website says those prices are for a limited time only. Both have a 5.7" “Hydrogen holographic display” which promises to let you see holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View content, 3D content, and 2D/3D virtual reality and augmented reality content. No glasses or headsets are required - this breakthrough has been achived using nanotechnology tech and super smart software. It's not just the display which is special either - the audio is touted as "multi-dimensional", using a proprietary H3O algorithm giving  "5.1 on your headphones".

It's modular, too

In a brave move from RED, following the less-than successful foray and subsequent withdrawal into modular handset designs from LG, the design features a high speed data bus for future expansion. RED hints at future high quality motion, still and holographic components which will use this. 

Owners of RED's existing high-end professional cameras will find the Hydrogen One can act as a control centre for Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon - i.e. a full remote controller.

Targetted to ship Q1 2018, you can read more here.