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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Acer logoMass market Android handsets took a tantalising step forwards today with the announcement from T-Mobile that the Pulse mini, a £99 PAYG handset, would be launched in April. This is the baby brother to the earlier Pulse, which itself was notable being the first PAYG Android handset to hit the market. The great news is this model runs Android 2.1, which leapfrogs a few big name launches at MWC2010 - for the time being at least. Being a budgset model does mean some compromises have to be made, including only having 300Mb onboard memory.

There a no shortcuts when it comes to the camera though - a cool 3.2 MP model is supported including an LED flash.. The 2.8 inch screen is resistive rather than capacitive, and being so small it actually uses a stylus, but some users may actually prefer it this way.


The Pulse mini is manufactured by Huawei for T-Mobile