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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Here's a twist we weren't expecting after all the on-off tomfoolery surrounding the Facebook phone last year - apparently it's now very much on and there's two of 'em! There's to be a big announcement at MWC2011 from its manufacturer, HTC. Recently there has been a real flurry of activity surrounding the social networking giant, ranging from their purchase of (who OTAMate were developing an Android app for), through to its purchase of CardMunch for their tech allowing business cards to be imported to your smartphones. Facebook named mobile their "no.1 priority" for 2011 - looks like we're seeing just what they meant by that.

This will be the first smartphone bearing the famous Facebook logo, and whilst the trend amongst recent manufacturers has been to integrate social networking apps more and more with the core handset functions, this new announcement will bring thing to a whole new level.

There have been iPhone and Android apps for a while now (that's it running on the Nexus One) but never an entire phone. This move validates the vision Google had when launching Android as a truly open platform. With a complete makeover of both the handset and the software, a low cost, branded phone can be produced which is still compatible with a huge chunk of the rest of the industry.

Social networking on a smartphone is a natural fit. You can imagine being aware of your contacts presence, status and location before you even call them.

Whats next? McDonalds? IBM? Coca-cola? You can see the possibilities now the floodgates have opened...