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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Ahead of next weeks global shindig in Barcelona, Garmin-ASUS have announced their first Android handset - the nuvifone A50. It's not their first handset, since the nuvifone line already existed, but has been met with disappointing market reaction to date. That looks all set to change however with the A50 supporting their flagship GPS technology in conjunction with voice recognition and multitouch. It also claims to surpass Googles much-publicised free turn-by-turn satnav, which all new Android models feature, by having all the maps preloaded rather than pulled in from the net as needed.


Clearly focussed on navigation, the A50 comes as standard with a car mount. It has 4G of internal memory and a microSD card slot, a 3 Meg camera and its screen is a respectable 3.5".


Theres no word on a launch date or pricing yet but its a safe bet that can't be far away with the pre-Barcelona announcement.


Source: ASUS-Garmin