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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Toshiba rebooted the netbook market in style today with the announcement of the Android AC100. Boasting an awesome 7 day battery life, this baby sits between laptop and smartphone form factors. Weighing in at a dainty 870g it sure pushes all the right portability buttons, and as we know by virtue of Android we get top notch connectivity and web browsing. One thing which may take existing Android users some getting used to is the screen - specifically, the non-touchiness of it. Instead we get the usual trackpad laptop users will be familar with to use as a mouse.




The AC100 runs Android 2.1 and its 10.1" screen "instant" boots to Toshibas customised home screen, showing Facebook, Twitter etc feeds HTC Sense style. The resolution is, for Android, a whopping 1024x600 but most Apps will be fine if the run on say the Nexus One, which is 800x480. Developers were warned about this back with the Eclair Android 1.6 release, and given the tools to support it - now they know why ;-) Alongside the touchpad there are some other necessary adjustments needed to the traditional laptop format. Where's the back button? It doubles as the escape key, for example, and the other mandatory Android buttons are similarly supported.



Running Android 2.1 means there's no Flash support, but Toshiba promise 2.2, which does, will be provided via an OTA update as soon as it's ready. Also bundled is Documents to Go - a system which allows spreadsheets and word docs to be viewed but not editted - for that you need to shell out for an upgrade. The CPU is a snappy 1Ghz Nvidia Tegra 250, with 512M RAM and 8G flash storage. You've also go the usual USB ports, plus a 1.3Mp webcam and - as is becoming increasingly common on high end devices now - an HDMI port for hooking up to your monster plasma TV.

Check out the video:




You can expect to buy this in August 2010.