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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Android in the dashboard

Tres bien! Renault just sent us the press release for the R-Link, an Android based in-dash control, communications, entertainment and kitchen sink system which can download apps from their private App store. Appearing first in the new Clio 4 and Zoe, and eventually being rolled out to every car in their range, there will initially be 50 apps available to kick things off. They are also embracing totally the open philosophy of Android, clearly a major feature when deciding which platform to run their entire future portfolio on, by announcing a campaign to attract developers to the R-Link system.  Whilst it's almost a cert they'll already have enough gas consumption display apps etc, this does open the door for developers to start their engines by fuelling a whole new class of App innovation :-)

In-dash connected tablet

Drivers will be able to download new apps directly to the vehicle's in-dash tablet from the R-Link store. Its 7" touchscreen is a perfect fit for sat nav, media payback (but watching video???) and the usual communication roles such as making and receiving calls, text messages etc.




This isn't actually the first Android-based in dash system, for example the Saab IQon was announced earlier this year, but hopefully being the latest big-name automobile manufacturer to commit to Android means the critical mass of it being the default platform gets one large step closer.



Check the Renault press release after the break...