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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Christmas - and a huge tasty treat for Android fans - is about to come early. As its followers are well aware, the tradition is to quiety (ha!) erect a statue on a lawn outside the Google HQ in the style of the Android sweet-flavoured codename given to an imminent new release. It's no secret this next one is Ice Cream Sandwich, and so here he is - joining his Froyo, Gingerbread etc buddies right on cue. It's expected this is the Android 4.0 release, since this is the one which unifies the smartphone and tablet lines, although that's not certain, nor is the actual date of the Google announcement. Samsung are also to announce a handset running it - this is the one delayed by the death of Steve Jobs - and the vibe for the most likely date is now Oct 19th in Hong Kong.

Nexus Prime

Samsungs Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus/Whatever new ICS handset is also said to be something special, even though its name isn't even clear yet. At one point it was said to be running a 1.5Ghz Dual core Tegra, but some rumours are pegging that back to a still-impressive 1.2Ghz CPU.  Its screen is said to be a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED version with 720×1280 pixels resolution, 1GB RAM, 5MP rear camera capable of snapping full HD 1080p video, and 32GB of storage.


ICS Cream Sandwich

Unifying the Smartphone and tablet Android lines, ICS has been spotted already in the wild:



Tasty! As usual, we'll have more when it's finally here but in the meantime comments are welcome...