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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Ok we admit it - Verzo is a new name to us, but if their plans for the world of Android play out the way they hope it will be familiar to everyone come September, when they launch their first Android handset, the Kinzo. Since not much is known at this stage, except that it was designed by Novague, we can only (very unusually for us!) repost the Verzo press release plus a few more pics (courtesy of Engaget), after the break. At launch the Kinzo is to be sold online only, and initially to the US with Russia, China, South America and the Middle East to follow. Let's hope it doesn't go the way of another handset we all know about with a similar but shorter name...


VERZO Kinzo: new smartphone with new approach


It seems to be a general rule these days that anytime there is a new mobile device introduced to the market (it does not matter whether it is introduced by a new or well established com- pany), their press releases are presenting it as if the device would bring some great change to the field and forever change the current state of affairs. This is not the case of VERZO.
We are new, we are here, we want to be heard and seen, but we are not going to claim that we are going to change everything what are the owners of smartphones used to. We are definitely not going to scare off Apple and Samsung by our entry to the market, so they would have to call board meetings and hold press conferences. On the contrary – the VERZO brand is letting you know right from the start that we are not the slimmest, fastest or the best. For now.

VERZO and Community

At the same time we want to let you know that we are going to be different and that we have a clear vision and we know exactly where we are going. The VERZO brand is officially letting you know that it exists and in the next 6 weeks we are going to offer all smartphone-lovers our first model named Kinzo. VERZO Kinzo combines our desire to produce original and novel products with functional design, plus we hope to make our products user-friendly, reliable and open to suggestions.

Saying that we are open to suggestions could mean anything. What we really mean is that the VERZO brand will actively listen to its customers. Here at VERZO we represent the generation used to online forums and social networks or communities, so we know what a strong and well organized community can achieve. For this reason, every product leaving VERZO factory will have a very close link between the brand and the user. Our products are designed to listen to their users.

If the users do not like something, we will know. If they demand something, we will know. If they have some dream or suggestion towards the VERZO brand or the model Kinzo, we will know. VERZO Kinzo is, however, not only counting on the original design from Novague studio and the community connection, but it is also bringing its own graphic solution for the popular Android OS.


Our personalized VERZO interface was not developed just to be different from the rest of the world, but mainly because we wanted to get the most from the Android system. We believe that we were successful now and we want to be even better in the future. Kinzo is therefore offering you Android with VERZO face.

How to buy Kinzo?

The sale of Kinzo will begin at the end of September. Complete information about our first smartphone with full technical specifications, photographs, 3D model, videos, all features and the price will be released during the second half of September 2011.

The sale itself will be launched online on our official VERZO e-shop which will be accessible at From there we will be shipping the Kinzo to all the countries of the European Union and also the USA. Other countries will be added later this year or in the beginning of the next year. For now we are planning to add China, Russian Federation, countries of South America and the Middle east. One of the advantages of getting a VERZO smartphone is our dedication to provide easy and responsive customer service.

Other details

Smartphone VERZO Kinzo was designed and developed in Europe, and the production takes place in designated factory in Taiwan. The official web is going to be launched in its first phase (containing basic information about the product and first pictures) during the night from 29th to 30th of August.