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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Android P

Release date rumors

As usual, Google will release a developer preview of the next version of Android well ahead of the final version in order to let developers get their apps ready for it from the get-go. This pattern hasn't always been the case, but a couple of years back they let it be known that the aim is to stabilize releases annually.

As eyes turn to another upcoming Google I/O, talk of the next developer preview for Android P is heating up, since the previews for Android N and O both arrived in March. Evan Blass - renowned for his accurate predictions - has Tweeted he expects the date to be released then, too.

The speculation over exactly what the "P" will stand for has hardly begun.

However, it is interesting to note that Wednesday 14th March is Pi day - called because it's on 03/14/2018. A lovely day for an announcement, don't you think?

What are people saying P will feature?

So what does the rumor mill have to say about new features? Apparently, the 4 year old Material Design is due an update - "Material Design 2.0"? If so, we could see it's appearance in Android 9.

There were reports of Android P allowing the carriers themselves to control the signal strength display in the status bar.

Also, we've just had the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it seems the notch was the talk of the town. Since Apple introduced it in their latest iPhones, many Android manufacturers have scrambled to - in their view - "keep up" - with what's being seen as the latest trend in smartphones, even though there's little software support for it and even less reason, other than aesthetic, to do it.

We can also expect expansion and tighter integration with AI, via the Google Assistant and other AI services,

Bloomberg claim the internal name Google uses for 9 is Pistachio, but then we all know how that game plays don't we?