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Shape Shifter

Android SVG graphics made easy with a cool web app

Alex Lockwood has worked Roman Nurik's Android Icon Animator into a single web app. Anyone who's ever tried to work with SVG graphics will appreciate the way an interactive timeline-based tool completely changes the game. No longer are you working with awkward single frame images comprising of nothing but tons of raw numbers. Now, it's as easy as dropping the start and end images on the timeline and watching the animation morph in front of your eyes!

Being web-based, nothing needs to be installed. The tool is super smart too, meaning it can analyze the images for inconsistencies and offer to "auto fix" them for you.

Animated icons are the next bing thing in home screen navigation, and with SVG they scale perfectly to any resolution. 

Simple or complex - the choice is down to the user, because the tool features layers onto which each image can be independently morphed. By running all the layers together, a complex suite can be built up and then exported with the click of a mouse.

It's what SVG animation has been waiting for! Head over now any try this out for yourself...

Shape Shifter 

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Google Play downloads overtake Apples App Store

Overtaken Apple

It's been long coming, but the moment all Android fans have been waiting for is finally here! USA Today reported the total number of app downloads for the second quarter of 2013 for the biggest two app stores - Googles' and Apples'. Up until now it's always been dominated by Apple, but that's all changed now as Google leapfrogged it for the first time. And (blush!) it's so nice being able to say told you so!

In fact the margin is an impressive 10%, which bears out the recent market share stats showing Apple dropping to 13% of the smartphone market share over the same period whilst Android rose to almost 80%.

While the U.S. spends the most money on apps overall, Japan and South Korea contributed the most to Google Play’s revenue. Android has been highly successful in emerging markets - the trend can be see in the top five revenue generating apps for Google Play as four out of five are from either South Korea or Japan.

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Amazon's Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Music

Pawn to Kings Bishop four. At least, that's how industry observers see the relentless march of the mighty Amazon and its various hardware/software/online activities. This time we see the Cloud Player coming to the UK, the software which has been available to the US on Android, iOS, macs and PCs for some time now. With the free versions, imaginatively called Cloud Player Free, you can store 250 music tracks for, err, free. From then on its a not-too-bad £21.99 per year.

Check out the full details at

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CoolNote 1.5 has been released with lots of sparkling goodies just in time for Christmas. It was always capable of downloading extra content in the form of backgrounds and fonts, so appropriately enough this new version sees a whole bunch of new Christmas-themed backgrounds with everything from snowmen, santas and presents right through to the Christmas bunny. There are lots of other improvements too, most of which revolve around polishing the look and feel whilst retaining the smooth interface CoolNote has become known for. There's also a nice price drop to 0.99p/~$1.50 for the rest of the year. But back to those Christmas notes - they in fact serve a dual purpose, since they can not only be used as cool Christmas to-dos (e.g. present lists) on your home screen, but the rich notes are now sent as an image with the text when the note is shared via email to any non-CoolNote using buddies - yes it really is a poor mans Christmas card solution :-)