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07 Jul 2017
13 Sep 2013
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Shape Shifter

Android SVG graphics made easy with a cool web app

Alex Lockwood has worked Roman Nurik's Android Icon Animator into a single web app. Anyone who's ever tried to work with SVG graphics will appreciate the way an interactive timeline-based tool completely changes the game. No longer are you working with awkward single frame images comprising of nothing but tons of raw numbers. Now, it's as easy as dropping the start and end images on the timeline and watching the animation morph in front of your eyes!

Being web-based, nothing needs to be installed. The tool is super smart too, meaning it can analyze the images for inconsistencies and offer to "auto fix" them for you.

Animated icons are the next bing thing in home screen navigation, and with SVG they scale perfectly to any resolution. 

Simple or complex - the choice is down to the user, because the tool features layers onto which each image can be independently morphed. By running all the layers together, a complex suite can be built up and then exported with the click of a mouse.

It's what SVG animation has been waiting for! Head over now any try this out for yourself...

Shape Shifter