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"The T-Mobile Pulse represents another Android milestone from T-Mobile. We introduced the first Android handset, the T-Mobile G1, to the UK back in October 2008, launched our second handset, the G2 Touch, earlier this year and now we're opening up Android-based smartphones to a whole new type of mobile user with the first handset on pay-as-you-go." read the statement from T-Mobile.

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Google Play downloads overtake Apples App Store

Overtaken Apple

It's been long coming, but the moment all Android fans have been waiting for is finally here! USA Today reported the total number of app downloads for the second quarter of 2013 for the biggest two app stores - Googles' and Apples'. Up until now it's always been dominated by Apple, but that's all changed now as Google leapfrogged it for the first time. And (blush!) it's so nice being able to say told you so!

In fact the margin is an impressive 10%, which bears out the recent market share stats showing Apple dropping to 13% of the smartphone market share over the same period whilst Android rose to almost 80%.

While the U.S. spends the most money on apps overall, Japan and South Korea contributed the most to Google Play’s revenue. Android has been highly successful in emerging markets - the trend can be see in the top five revenue generating apps for Google Play as four out of five are from either South Korea or Japan.

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Amplify tablet

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is behind Amplify, a company which sees a bright future for tablet-based education systems. It so believes in this that its just launched its first one, a 10-inch device running a modified version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It's not clear who manufactures the device but a strong hint is given on the Amplify website where it says it is: "similar to an Asus MeMo Pad ME310T".  The plan is to provide both the hardware and software of the future, and since the standard Google apps such as Chrme, GMail, Calendar, Google+, Hangouts etc, Google are keen to play their part in this rapidly growing market.

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Samsung S3 outsells iPhone 5

Easily the front runner for the number 1 phone this Christmas, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has outsold the iPhone 5 for a seventh consecutive month, causing untold champagne corks to go flying round various flash offices in South Korea. uSwitch have released these latest figures based on live searches, pre-orders and pay-monthly sales. They have found the older S2 model still remains the UK's fourth best selling handset. 

It's no surprise the S3 is doing so well, but it had better watch out - the LG Nexus 4 is no slouch either, having sold out within 30 minutes of launch.