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DroidCon London

Droidcon London is back, the largest Android conference in Europe!

Droidcon returns to London on October 25th & 26th for its fourth consecutive year! 1000+ talented developers and designers!

And this year's Droidcon is a celebration of the 5 years of Android and a glimpse in the future of the platform! No worry we won't have any futurists - that's not what Droidcon is about!

 3 great keynote speakers will talk about where they're bringing Android in the next 5 years:

  • Julie Uhrman CEO of OUYA. The first Android based gaming console was launched on Kickstarter earning funding ($8.5 million dollars!) and fans. The Kickstarter darling will ship to gamers in March 2013.
  • Paresh Patel Founder of Vendscreen, whose Android vending machine is changing the way people buy... just about anything!
  • Frederic Albinet Marketing Group Manager at Parrot, having flown the world with their phone controlled AR.Drone quadricopter, Parrot have launched their Asteroid series of Android based in-car entertainment devices

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Champage corks were popping in Mountain View on Oct 1st as Google passed Microsoft to become the worlds second most valuable company - largely due to Android. Googles' stock rose 1 per cent finishing in New York with a share worth of $761.78 (£471.34) translating into a total market capitalisation value of nearly $250 billion (around £155bn). On the same day, Microsoft fell 1 per cent, closing out business at $29.49 (£18.25) with a lesser valuation of $247.2 billion (£152.9bn). It hasn't been reported what happened to the stock of any office furniture repair businesses in Redmond.

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Amazon's Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Music

Pawn to Kings Bishop four. At least, that's how industry observers see the relentless march of the mighty Amazon and its various hardware/software/online activities. This time we see the Cloud Player coming to the UK, the software which has been available to the US on Android, iOS, macs and PCs for some time now. With the free versions, imaginatively called Cloud Player Free, you can store 250 music tracks for, err, free. From then on its a not-too-bad £21.99 per year.

Check out the full details at

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All eyes in the mobile industry turn to Earls Court, London again this year as Apps World promises to be bigger and better than ever for its 3rd annual outing on 2nd/3rd October. Whilst covering all the major platforms, Android fans are promised a special treat with the launch of the Droid World track. This is a free to attend, 2 day workshop where leading Android developers, authors, technical evangelists, brands, handset manufacturers and operators will be delivering valuable developer advice and ideas around the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Join with them as they examine the latest issues in the Android ecosystem around app monetisation and discoverability in the Android App Market.