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Aston Martin Android phone

Aston Martin - yes, that Aston Martin of James Bond fame - have announced the Aspire, a stylish gold/silver/black/white/rose gold Android 2.3 handset any secret agent would be proud of. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the $1,290 price tag for the basic models (rising to $1,590 when 24K gold is used in the cases) makes it live up to that Aspire name admirably.

There's a 3.2 inch HVGA display, WiFi, 3G, front and rear cameras and sports a MicroSD card slot for expansion.

Initially launched in Hong Kong, this is sure to have fans both shaken and stirred ;-)

News  Handsets & Devices

Toys R Us have announced their Tabeo 7-inch tablet, which promises child-safe features for $150. Surrounded by a huge drop-safe bumper, there's a front facing camera, WiFi and Toys R Us even run their own app store, the "Tabeo Store", to complement the 50 proloaded games and apps it comes preloaded with.

Powered by a 1Ghz CPU, theres a decent amount of storage provided - 4Gb - but it also comes with a MicroSD card slot, which can handle up to 32G cards. It's no slouch in the Android department either, sporting ICS (Android 4.0) from the off. It's available for pre-order now but wo't ship until October 21.

News  Industry

Just as Sony announced their new Google TV set top box, the Google TV site itself saw a major overhaul, all suspiciously happening just days before this years Google I/O. Not only that, but now the Google TV service is to launch in the UK - two years after its US debut.

Google TV has had a chequered past, and those following it from the start have seen many UI changes too. The most notorious problem was the Logitech Revue fail, and it's rather telling that there's now no mention of that anywhere on the new site at all. The timing is also interesting to industry watchers following that other tech giant dabbling with TV - Apple - since rumours are rife they're about to make a big move too.

Well - how about that! We've been working on something a little special for some time now, and today's the day we're proud to announce our new baby - the AACD programme. In collaboration with SteelyEye Digital Media, we're announcing the Android industrys first Accreditation scheme - the Android Academy Certified Developer programme. This is in the form of an online exam which has been developed and calibrated by a team of Android experts for over a year. The software driving the exam is the same the SteelyEye guys used when they were running the Symbian Academy, so it has a pedigree second to none. This is no cut and paste script kiddie affair - well over £2.5m has been spent perfecting it such that it adapts to the knowledge level of the subject as it progresses. This means no two exams are the same.