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Life in the old girl yet

Despite the best intentions of the Android modding community, there comes a point at which it's just not feasibile to maintain older kit. Long-abandoned by the manufacturers and carriers, even the humble old first-gen hardware such as the HTC G1/Dream will eventually begin to gather dust as their newer and shinier models march forever onwards and upwards.

I've a soft spot for my G1. I really do consider it a piece of history - the first Android handset will always be special, and looking at the way things are heading, quite the collectors item once domination is complete ;-) Yet ... it's still very much usable, and certainly for far more than a mere backup phone. So I got to thinking ... what can it be used for today in a positive way? And I don't mean giving to someone as their first smartphone such as the folks or kids - although in my experince kids are certainly switched onto what's in and isn't in the Android world anyway, so that would likely get it thrown straight back at you with a loud "meh!".

Every Android fan loves him

Early in 2012 a mysterious object appeared on the lawns outside OTAMate's HQ. What did it mean? Were the Mayans right and this was some kind of 2001-style omen? Nope - it was CozyBot! Designed by OTAMate and sold through our very own shop, this is the cool desktop phone holder every Android fan will love! When news of his arrival broke on Linked In there were so many hits to the site the servers crashed. He's been sold all over the world and had sightings in Brazil, the Philippines, Canada, Australia, the Czech Republic amongst many other countries including, of course, the US. Made from sturdy ABS shatterproof plastic, the CozyBot comes in two parts and is made to the highest quality manufacturing standards - even the color is the official pantone green.

News  Industry

Android in the dashboard

Tres bien! Renault just sent us the press release for the R-Link, an Android based in-dash control, communications, entertainment and kitchen sink system which can download apps from their private App store. Appearing first in the new Clio 4 and Zoe, and eventually being rolled out to every car in their range, there will initially be 50 apps available to kick things off. They are also embracing totally the open philosophy of Android, clearly a major feature when deciding which platform to run their entire future portfolio on, by announcing a campaign to attract developers to the R-Link system.  Whilst it's almost a cert they'll already have enough gas consumption display apps etc, this does open the door for developers to start their engines by fuelling a whole new class of App innovation :-)

News  Software

CoolNote 1.5 has been released with lots of sparkling goodies just in time for Christmas. It was always capable of downloading extra content in the form of backgrounds and fonts, so appropriately enough this new version sees a whole bunch of new Christmas-themed backgrounds with everything from snowmen, santas and presents right through to the Christmas bunny. There are lots of other improvements too, most of which revolve around polishing the look and feel whilst retaining the smooth interface CoolNote has become known for. There's also a nice price drop to 0.99p/~$1.50 for the rest of the year. But back to those Christmas notes - they in fact serve a dual purpose, since they can not only be used as cool Christmas to-dos (e.g. present lists) on your home screen, but the rich notes are now sent as an image with the text when the note is shared via email to any non-CoolNote using buddies - yes it really is a poor mans Christmas card solution :-)