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To mark the launch of its Android-based VX-100 EPOS system, Casio is inviting developers to find out more about the device in exchange for prizes and the chance of having their app feature on the device.

The VX-100 is a compact EPOS terminal equipped with a colour main display with full-touch screen operation, a sub-display that is great for showing information to customers, and a built-in thermal printer to generate receipts. The VX-100 is designed for use in SME retail stores, and works as both a standalone system or as part of a networked system. Casio has provided a software development kit that supports the VX-100 hardware.

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CoolNote just got a huge update - you spoke, we listened! The focus is on great looks, power and simplicity. New features include the widgets now being optional, the notes now having two sides (text and check item), the abiity to set a notes background color from an infinite pallette, a new "micro" note size and the ability to password protect the whole app. Check out the video below, take a trip to the CoolNote website or get the Free or Paid versions from the Android Market.


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Android developers the world over were cheering Googles news that there are now 18 more countries available to App buyers. There's been lots of grumbling behind the scenes as developers were becoming increasingly frustrated at the limited areas their Apps could target. This news will go a long way towards fixing this. In addition, users are starting to see the prices of the apps in their local currency directly in the Android Market App. To handle currency exchange variations a tilde symbol is shown before the price, representing "approximately" such as ~£3.87 for a British user when the base currency is in dollars. A "silent update", meaning users won't see a notification, of the Market app itself is being rolled out to all Android devices to handle the new changes.


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Christmas - and a huge tasty treat for Android fans - is about to come early. As its followers are well aware, the tradition is to quiety (ha!) erect a statue on a lawn outside the Google HQ in the style of the Android sweet-flavoured codename given to an imminent new release. It's no secret this next one is Ice Cream Sandwich, and so here he is - joining his Froyo, Gingerbread etc buddies right on cue. It's expected this is the Android 4.0 release, since this is the one which unifies the smartphone and tablet lines, although that's not certain, nor is the actual date of the Google announcement. Samsung are also to announce a handset running it - this is the one delayed by the death of Steve Jobs - and the vibe for the most likely date is now Oct 19th in Hong Kong.