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RED Hydrogen One

The $1200 Android handset (and that's the budget version)

Known for their high-end cameras which totally disrupted the film industry, RED are hoping to do the same to the world of mobile with an incredibly ambitious new smartphone - and a price tag to match.

The device comes in two versions - a titanium shell enclosed one at just $1600, or a regular aluminium one at $1200, and the website says those prices are for a limited time only. Both have a 5.7" “Hydrogen holographic display” which promises to let you see holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View content, 3D content, and 2D/3D virtual reality and augmented reality content. No glasses or headsets are required - this breakthrough has been achived using nanotechnology tech and super smart software. It's not just the display which is special either - the audio is touted as "multi-dimensional", using a proprietary H3O algorithm giving  "5.1 on your headphones".

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Shape Shifter

Android SVG graphics made easy with a cool web app

Alex Lockwood has worked Roman Nurik's Android Icon Animator into a single web app. Anyone who's ever tried to work with SVG graphics will appreciate the way an interactive timeline-based tool completely changes the game. No longer are you working with awkward single frame images comprising of nothing but tons of raw numbers. Now, it's as easy as dropping the start and end images on the timeline and watching the animation morph in front of your eyes!

Being web-based, nothing needs to be installed. The tool is super smart too, meaning it can analyze the images for inconsistencies and offer to "auto fix" them for you.

Animated icons are the next bing thing in home screen navigation, and with SVG they scale perfectly to any resolution. 

Simple or complex - the choice is down to the user, because the tool features layers onto which each image can be independently morphed. By running all the layers together, a complex suite can be built up and then exported with the click of a mouse.

It's what SVG animation has been waiting for! Head over now any try this out for yourself...

Shape Shifter 

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Essential Smartphone

He's fathered a new Android

What do you do once you've revolutionised mobile by creating an operating system used by  4 out of every 5 smartphones on the planet?

Best known as the guy who made Android via his startup bought out by Google in the mid 2000's, Andy Rubin is back - and he's got something Essential to show you. He's launched not only a new Android smartphone, but also smart home device to rival the Amazon Echo/Google Home etc, plus a totally new OS called "Ambient".

The name of the new company behind all this is "Essential", and this time he's unashamedly got his sights on "fixing" the problems todays smart technology ecosystem faces.

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Project Treble

A thorn in Android's side for years

Ask anyone familiar with Android today what the biggest problem with it is and chances are "security" and "updates" will feature prominently in the answers. It's no co-incidence either - the two are intricately related.

In the eyes of the public, Android is less secure because it doesn't get updates anything like as quickly or as comprehensively as other platforms, in particular the iPhone. Even worse, some handsets end up getting no updates at all after a shockingly short length of time from their launch. Two years from launch until sunset has even been seen, without naming names.

Vendors prefer to sell new models for obvious reasons. There's no money for them in providing eternal updates, and it costs a fortune to retro-fit them in anyway, money which they''d much sooner invest in their newer models.