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Android Things

My first 24 hours with Android Things

Just when I was in the middle of an Android based IoT commercial project running on a Raspberry Pi 3, something awesome happened. Google released the first preview of Android Things, their SDK targeted specifically at (initially) 3 SBC’s (Single Board Computers) — the Pi 3, the Intel Edison and the NXP Pico. To say I was struggling is a bit of an understatement — without even an established port of Android to the Pi, we were at the mercy of the various quirks and omissions of the well-meaning but problematic homebrew distro brigade. One of these problems was a deal breaker too — no touchscreen support, not even for the official one sold by Element14. I had an idea Android was heading for the Pi already, and earlier a mention in a commit to the AOSP project from Google got everyone excited for a while. So when, on 12th Dec 2016, without much fanfare I might add, Google announced “Android Things” plus a downloadable SDK, I dived in with both hands, a map and a flashlight, and hung a “do not disturb” sign on my door

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DroidCon London 2014

Want to find out about all the latest Android advances, listen to expert speakers, see fantastic new technologies, and meet the international Android community? Then come and join Droidcon London, the largest Android developer conference in Europe!

Droidcon London, Europe’s biggest grassroots Android developer conference, is back in London on October 30th - 31st! We’d love you to come along, and so to make the decision a little easier for you, here’s a whopping 25% discount off the ticket price!

Simply book your place here: using this promocode: GOOGLEDROID-DROIDCON-2014

You’re just a few short clicks away from meeting some of Android’s foremost experts and innovators - from our keynote speaker Google’s Chet Haase. to Cyril Mottier of Capitaine Train, from author of ‘Smashing Android UI’ Juhani Lehtimaki to UI specialist Taylor Ling, and many other pioneers of leading Android technology from Cyanogen, Google, Mozilla and Novoda.

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Clarion AX1

There's no shortage now of Android based car infotainment systems, and Clarion, the people behind the Mirage range, have recently announced the AX1.

Supporting pretty much every Android feature you'd expect from a regular device, such as apps, downloads, phone calls via Bluetooth etc, the system is safety-conscious too, so for example certain operations such as watching video can only be performed whilst the handbrake is on.

Also unique to the device is the ifogo online music store, which can manage your music catalog and buy downloads, set playlists etc. The infogo "App Garage" also downloads updates to the system automatically the same way phone manufacturers do for their handsets.

T.K.Tan, Managing Director of Clarion Malaysia, said "Unlike smart phones or tablets, this device is a full automotive grade connected car stereo. It is certified to be safe for use in your car".

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Android 4.4 - the KitKat release!

In a very welcome, but rather surprising move, Google announced the next version of Android is to be called ... KitKat! This is of course in keeping with the sweet-tooth themed naming party going right back to Android 1.5 Cupake. It's surprising because although everyone knew it would begin with the letter "K", the popular vibe had it named as "Key Lime Pie". The story goes some Googlers saw a 4 fingered bar in a fridge deep in the Googleplex and, well one thing led to another. It's kinda neat too since the next expected version is 4.4, and that's a nice tie-in with the bar itself. 

Nestle, the massive confectionery giant owners of the KitKat brand, are totally behind the move and are planning future marketing initiatives around the Android theme. These are said to include prizes, special edition bars and various other goodies. In fact the deal suits both Android and Google so well that apparently no money changed hands either way for this venture.