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Yup - use Kotlin in Gradle Script

As you know, we use Groovy to write our Gradle build scripts and it has pros and cons. Groovy is a dynamic language which means that it’s not statically typed, making difficult to write or modify our gradle scripts without making many mistakes as we don’t have autocomplete there.

Last year, Gradle decided to start using Kotlin to writing Gradle build scripts creating, what they call, Gradle Kotlin Script. The project is moving fast (0.9.0 version at the time of writing this article) but, on the other hand, there is practically no documentation.

So, I want to show you how to use Gradle Kotlin Script to create Gradle build scripts written in Kotlin in one Android project.

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Building SDK/libraries

Re-invent the wheel the right way, and only if really necessary

It all starts when some android developer tries to figure out a solution to a problem he/she is having while building their “Awesome Android App”. During the process, most developers would encounter a couple of issues and in tandem, to those, they would come up with possible solutions.

Now here is a thing, if you are like me, who believes that if the problem was big enough for me to spend some time on it and there wasn’t an existing solution out there, I would abstract the whole solution in a modular manner, which eventually turns out to be an android library. Just so that whenever in future I encounter this problem again, I can reuse this solution easily.

So far, so good. So you have built the library and probably started using it completely privately or if you think someone else could make use of the same solution you release the code as an android library open source the code. I believe (..or rather that is what it looks like..) at this point everyone thinks they are done.

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